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Call for papers

The 1st Knowledge Cities Summit is being designed to maximize knowledge socializations amongst participants. Papers related to the following aspects of KCs and KBD can be submitted. While selection will follow established publication criteria and standard peer-review practices, presentations will follow more flexible, creative knowledge sharing formats aimed at propitiating meaningful conversations amongst session attendants. Papers can be submitted on either the set track topics, k-cities case tracks or on other topics to be organized through an “open space” fashion. All submitted papers should comply to the Journal of Knowledge Management publication guidelines to be considered for review. These are available at All papers should be related to Knowledge Management (KM), Knowledge Based Development (KBD) or Knowledge Cities (KC) issues including:

Set Track
KCities Case Track
Open Track
Social knowledge-based value creation


KBD vis a vis poverty
Social Intellectual capital measurement
Organic perspective of KBD
National, regional and urban KBD and planning
Safety in K-Societies
Knowledge Cities concepts and models
K-Cities Quality of life
KBD and KCs benchmarkings and comparisons
Knowledge Sciences
Social accounting and strategy deployment
KBD/KC institutions
Knowledge citizenship, access to information and distributed participation
KBD conferences: a meta-conference
Social knowledge network and bases
Strategic frameworks for KBD in cities and regions
ITCs and social bases of instrumental capital
KBD for Marginalized communities
KBD policy issues
Endogenous growth
Systems perspectives on KBD
Other tbd
Radical KBD as a strategic and disruptive paradigm
Other tbd

The final configuration of the tracks, topics and sessions will be determined by the Program Committee by June 30, 2007

Paper selection schedule

Abstract submission: by January 31, 2007
Abstract submission reply: by February 28, 2007
Full paper submission: by April 15, 2007
Final paper acceptance: by May 31, 2007
Papers will be accepted both in English and Spanish
Please send to Lizbeth Alvarez: